Michael De Medina Studios   - Interview with Michael -

In this sculpture - possibly the first of its kind, I endeavored to encode much of the current scientific knowledge into the sculpture. Having studied astronomy and particularly cosmology, the sculpture, a semi sphere with God place outside of it (God being outside of space and time) is chock full of pertinent information. I utilized movie reel cells to depict each of the 13.7 billion years of the Universes current age. The cells get larger as they emanate away from the initial "Big Bang" explosion. They represent the expansion of the universe. The model is 3 feet in size, but the actual piece should stand about 40 feet in height.

Why did you become a sculptor / artist?

I became a sculptor by starting with jewelry model making as a silversmith. I started with small pieces and gradually worked with pieces that were larger, until I worked with life size sculptures.

What are your artistic influences?

I've been inspired by Leonardo Di Vinci and Antonio Cordova both consummate artists in sculpture.

What are your passions?

My Passions vary between art and science and philosophy, especially theology. I don't want to leave this world without doing a monumental sculpture that I call "God Creating the Universe".

Why do you choose to sculpt in certain mediums and subjects ? i.e. bronze portraits over a metal abstract art?

I am not an abstract artist, although I do appreciate that art. When I choose to do portrait sculptures I prefer bronze because of its earthy tonalities when it has an appropriate patina, the portrait has more life to it.

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